Subakti, M.M.I. (2006) Some Revisions in VCIRS and Cases Reconstructing Perspectives


Since Variable-Centered Intelligent Rule System (VCIRS) was proposed, there’re some researches dealing with. However, it’s necessary to drop a line concerning about some revisions that it had to make, for the user’s convenience. It’s about the option during knowledge building.

The tree transformation process from an existing tree of a domain into VCIRS knowledge base (KB) is exciting to realize, in the perspective of cases reconstructing. There’re two kinds of facts could be observed from. The first is from the user’s perspective when she performs KB transforming from such tree into VCIRS KB through generating cases. The latter is about the system (i.e., VCIRS) perspective, whereas it’s more concern into the structure of KB has to construct within VCIRS.

The conclusion obtained from this stage is it should be a prudential concern dealing with cases reconstruction from an existing tree of a domain into VCIRS KB, since it will change the implementation of both perspective either from the user or the system. By understanding this matter, it will make the transformation process from a tree of a domain into VCIRS KB easier to make.


Variable-Centered Intelligent Rule System, cases reconstruction